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As Artists, art is food. It feeds the necessity for connection with life. All good art carries the mysteries of the expression of life force...our common connection. We think this is why we need it. It reminds us of what we are made of.

Rock Creek Pottery is Closed

Thank you for visiting our website. We are not making pots these days, concentrating on establishing a new life and place in New Mexico. Hopefully some sunny day we will have sorted out a place to work, a kiln and clay. So far, is has not been all that easy to find a wild and private place close to Santa Fe! Wish us Luck! Thank you for your continued interest! We will let you know.

Will and Douglass

      douglass rankin  
        Will Ruggles

For us, pots are a vehicle for interaction. Interaction between hands and mind, clay and fire, maker and user, food and dishes, sight and touch. Pots begin with the potter from within the long tradition of making things with clay. They are finished by the choices and enjoyment of the user. Interaction is the key to living, and we hope our pots enhance this process.

Douglass Rankin and Will Ruggles

                  Will Ruggles
Douglass Rankin
41 Three Rock Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

If you would like to meet with us, please email for an appointment.

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